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Prayer & Liturgy

Prayer, worship and liturgical celebration are at the heart of our school and form an integral part of the school day. Prayer is encouraged in a variety of methods; – private individual prayer, group prayer, and whole school prayer. 

Each child takes part in a daily act of worship (5-10 minutes), this could be as a whole school, Key Stage or class and formal prayers are used to open and close the school day sessions. The children also plan and lead acts of worship within each of their classes. Collective Worship across every class uses the same structure.  We gather, using prayers or actions or music.  Then, we listen to scripture, readings and / or poems.  After that, we respond by doing something or saying a prayer together.  Finally, we go forth by reflecting on the scripture and taking this forward into our work throughout the day. It is wonderful to see the children excited, enthusiastic and deepening their faith through prayer and liturgy. In each class, there is a prayer and liturgy book where pictures, planning templates and PowerPoints are kept as a reminder and record of the acts of worship.

We also recognise and celebrate children’s achievements, both in and out of school, during our weekly celebration worship. The achievements and talents of the children are celebrated as well as how they have demonstrated our mission throughout the week. 

Our School Prayer