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Ofsted Inspection

St Louis had a Section 8 Inspection on 7th and 8th February. The purpose of the section 8 inspection was to confirm whether the school remains good under the definition of overall effectiveness as set out in the school inspection handbook. As such, the inspection did not result in individual graded judgements for different aspects of school provision.
Instead, the school received a report setting out the inspection findings. The inspection report details some key areas that the school is doing well and some areas that we need to make improvements in.

Ofsted noted specifically:
Pupils are proud to attend St Louis Catholic Primary School.’
‘Leaders have created a caring and happy atmosphere where pupils feel safe. Pupils benefit from strong relationships with staff. Christian values are at the heart of the school’s work.’
‘Pupils respond well to leaders’ high expectations for their behaviour. They work hard to follow the school rules. At break times, they play happily together and enjoy the range of
activities on offer.’
‘Pupils learn how to be considerate towards others and to value diversity.’


Ofsted Inspection Reports

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