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Religious Education is the very core of our school and plays a key part in the curriculum. Children extend their knowledge about Catholicism and learn to apply the values and message of the scriptures in their everyday lives. With this foundation of knowledge, we develop the skills of discussion, debate and reflection. We also recognise that it is essential for citizens of modern Britain to be informed, aware and respectful of the faiths of others. We have many pupils who are not Catholic. All are welcome in our school for the richness and diversity they bring to our community. 

Our aim in Religious Education is to lead the children to a living faith through prayer, the Mass, the RE Programme, collective worship, school assemblies and the liturgical life of the Church. Regular whole school or class assemblies take place each week and each class is involved in preparing and taking part in their own class Mass or Liturgy during the year. Our children study and celebrate other faiths to develop an understanding and respect of other peoples’ beliefs.

New RE Curriculum Directory - September 2023

Over the past few years, the Catholic Education Service has been developing a new RE Curriculum Directory (RECD) to refresh the way that we teach RE in Catholic schools across the country. This was finally completed early last year and work has begun on writing new schemes of work to use in schools.

Clifton Diocese has been working closely with other Dioceses to write a new scheme of work that will be rolled out in different year groups over the next few years. This year, we have begun with EYFS and Year 3 piloting the new RECD and materials from Clifton Diocese.

To best support the transition from the old RECD to the new, the rest of the school has moved to a scheme of work written by the Diocese (based on the old RECD), so that when the other year groups are ready to move to the new RECD they are better prepared. Therefore, RE learning might look different in school over the next few years while the new RECD is launched to all year groups. 


More details on our RE Curriculum (Please click the links below to access the documents)

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