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Homework at St Louis Catholic Primary School


At St Louis Catholic Primary School the children are expected to work hard in their lesson time and when they leave for home it is a time for a different type of learning 

through play or an organised activity or even just relaxing. Research clearly suggests that homework has little impact on learning for children at Primary School age, so

our reasons for setting the homework that we do, is a mixture of enjoyment, setting good habits for the future and giving children the opportunity to be responsible for  

being​ in charge of their own learning.


Reading at St Louis Catholic Primary School

We at St Louis believe in reading for enjoyment with all aspects of reading being an important part of our school life leading to the children being independent and high attaining readers at the end of their time at St Louis.  With this in mind, we encourage the children to continue their journey at home by reading a range of age appropriate books.

All children are motivated through regular reading challenges and events and their engagement and effort is recognised with certificates at reading milestones.

We ask parents to share our commitment by providing reading opportunities for their children at home.

In partnership with parents, we are able to provide the children with a strong foundation that enables them to reach the end of key stage 2 expectation of reading an age appropriate novel independently.


Reading at Home 


In Key Stage 1, children take home books from the Oxford Reading Tree scheme with the opportunity to have these books changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Children have individual reading records to track their reading progress.


In Key Stage 2, children take home a reading journal to record each book they read. In class, they have regular opportunities to talk about and share the books they have read.

We encourage parents to support their child's enjoyment of reading through regular opportunities to read together, with children sharing their school reading books and adults reading high quality texts to them. If you would like some inspiration of what texts might be suitable, please follow the links to some websites that may help: 


Love Reading 4 Kids


Please also follow the links below for our guide to helping your child read at home and our reading at home bookmark prompts.

A Quick Guide to Reading at Home


Questions to support your child's reading

FS KS1 Reading at Home Bookmarks

KS2 Reading at Home Bookmarks




At the beginning of each term, the children receive an overview with the weekly spellings linked to the rules they will be learning in class. We ask that parents to help their child to practise these spellings at home, a range of ideas can be found in our Helping Your Child with Spelling booklet.


Helping Your Child With Spelling



We monitor the children’s progress with short short spelling tests. All of the termly spelling lists can be found by following the links below.

Year 1 Autumn Spellings     Year 2 Autumn Spellings   Year 3 Autumn Spellings 

Year 4 Autumn Spellings   Year 5 Autumn Spellings   Year 6 Autumn Spellings




To support their maths learning the children also have the option of using Mathletics independently and exploring the wide range of games and challenges that are available to them. At the beginning of each term, the class teacher selects appropriate activities that build on the learning in class.


Each child receives their own log in for Mathletics so that they can access it whenever they choose. ​

If your child is unable to access Mathletics at home please contact the school.


Click on the link below to bring you to the Mathletics website. ​



Topic Challenges 

                  ​Through the year we may set the children a homework project linked to the activities being carried out in school so do look out for those when they are publicised.



Helping your child at home


Please find below some links that may help you in supporting your child with their homework:


 RWI Phonics for Parents

​Oxford Owl Parents Support

Deep Sea Phonics

Primary Homework Help


Learn your tables

Homework Elephant