St Louis Catholic Primary School

To love, wonder and achieve together.


Chair of Governors

Mrs Samantha Brinn – Foundation Governor - Term of office ends 31/08/2022 - Parent at the school
Mrs Brinn is available to contact at the school on:

Foundation Governors ‚Äč

Amanda Sheridan - Term of office ends 27/04/2021
David West - Term of Office ends 11/03/2022
Ben Reynolds - Term of Office ends 

Headteacher Governor

Mrs Deirdre Cromie

Staff Governor

Miss Eve Rendell - Term of office ends 31/08/2022 - Year 6 teacher at the school

Local Authority Governor

Position vacant

Parent Governors

Rachel Gardner term of office ends 23/07/2022

Niamh Gray - term of office ends 23/07/2022


Clerk to Governors

Mrs Kathryn Strik

All our governors are volunteers and can be contacted through the clerk at the school at

Full Details of the Governing Body.

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Governing Body Minutes 2018/2019

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 Minutes of FBG Meeting 21 November 18 (v2).pdfDownload
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