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Admissions and Appeals

When your child is due to start school, you will be contacted by Somerset Local Education Authority (LEA) to make your choice of school. You will be notified of the school in which your child has been allocated a place. Somerset Local Authority take due regard of the necessary arrangements required for the admission of pupils with disabilities.
The school currently has a planned admission number of 30. If the number of children wanting places at the school is lower than this limit, places are offered to all children. However, if there are more applications than places available, the over-subscription criteria are used to decide which children will be offered places.
The school will be required to admit a child with a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) if the statement names the school.
Please click on the links below to see the current Admissions Policy or Supplementary Information Form.​
Click here to find out about how to apply for a place at St Louis through Somerset Local Authority. 

Information is also available on the Schools Admissions Facebook page. If you 'like' this page you will receive the latest updates and deadline reminders.

If you need to appeal about an admissions decision then please click on this link to give you the full details

If you have any questions about admissions, don't hesitate, give us a call or email us.