St Louis Catholic Primary School

To love, wonder and achieve together.

 Chaplaincy Team

This year our Chaplaincy Team is made up of children from our year 6 class. Our aim is to promote the catholic life of the school. We are proud to help others learn about and follow in the footsteps of Jesus. 


Here is our Chaplaincy Action plan for this year.

Chaplaincy Action Plan

Bishop Declan's visit to St Louis

The Bishop came to visit St Louis school for the first time. We had an assembly in his honour. In the assembly each class showed a piece of work about our world .

The Bishop was shown all the classes RE displays. Some people from the chaplaincy team had lunch with the Bishop. Everyone in the chaplaincy team sat down and  had a meeting about what we could put in our prayer room. He suggested a statue of our lady, Mary and a cross. Using his suggestions we put a statue of our lady and every class made a contribution by writing a small prayer leaf.

Events, Activities and Visits 

Our school Chaplaincy Team have taken part in many events and activities. We have visited other Chaplaincy Teams and spent a wonderful day at Wardour. 

We plan opportunities for acts of Worship and have run our school rosary club.

We have taken on the task of designing and resourcing our very own school chapel.