St Louis Catholic Primary School

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The St Louis Heritage Orchard

Tucked away behind the school buildings lies our Heritage Orchard containing fifteen apple trees. Many of these trees were planted by the nuns of the original St Louis Convent between 1902 and the late 1970's as the orchard stands in the grounds of what was the convent.  The orchard was carefully planned to provide apples which ripened at different times of the harvesting season - some early and some late. The variety of apples chosen include cooking apples as well as eating apples and there is one family tree hosting three different varieties. There are one or two unusual trees with varieties not often found nowadays. Unsurprisingly, the apples are a favourite with the children and they have provided healthy snacks as well as freshly pressed apple juice over the years. There are always plenty of apples for parents as well. The orchard is a 'green lung' in Frome, providing shade in the Summer and a beautiful environment for the children to play and spend time in all year round.

The Frome Apple Group have helped keep the trees in good condition over the years as well as providing a valuable resource for local enthusiasts to learn how to prune the trees and practise their newly found skills. 

The St Louis Heritage Orchard marks the seasons: from winter snows to summer picnics. With trees laden with fruit in the Autumn it is a beautiful space for our children.   And underneath? An ancient stone culvert.

A map of St Louis Heritage Orchard